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Hi we know and understand it's frustrating and time-consuming when you're trying to make a copy and the Machine doesn't work and you need help now so all what you need to do call us and please let us know the brand name and the model number Normandy located on the front of the machine and any message might be displayed on operating panel display and here's why today photocopy machines is equipped with a computer and every unit in the machine have a number so when you're having a problem the built in computer will display what General area in the machine you having a problem with and that will help us figured out what is the problem in the equipment and what is required to fix it correctly and efficiently For example Ricoh Savin Gestetner copier

SC 1xx scanner related problem SC 2xx laser unit problem
SC 3xx and SC 4xx image developing problem
SC 5xx paper feed and fusing problem
SC 6xx communication error
SC 7xx document feeder problem
SC 8xx controller errors

Other units start with your operation manual or go online and find troubleshooting to see if that will help. If that does not help feel free to contact us.

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